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 The Rules !!!

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The Rules !!! Empty
PostSubject: The Rules !!!   The Rules !!! Icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2008 7:22 pm

0. The tracks available on this board are only samples and are the result of search efforts with the use of search engines such as Google. This board is for preview purposes only and all downloaded music should be deleted within 24 hours. The administrators of this board do not directly or indirectly host illegal copies of music.

Please support the artists by buying their records and releases !

1.This is a private forum and if you not follow the rules your place is not here !!

2.Talk only English on this board. As English is a common language that (almost) everybody understands.

3.Registration is needed to use the board !

4.Do not post any misleading, inaccurate,
abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, racist, sexually oriented, threatening materials...!!

5.Do not post any material that is knowingly fake !!

6.Your threads should be in correct section, if you don't know where to post it ..ask somebody.

7.We will delete all members with 0 posts in 7 days since the date they registered !!

8.In order to get access to full content of this board you need show that you are intrested to stay here.

9.If you steal any materials from the board you will be banned immediately !!!

10.For any violation of this rules, you will get 1 warning before ban and the next violation will result instant ban!

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The Rules !!!
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